People’s fear of automation operates on “Sarah’s Pendulum Theory of Everything”. In the 60’s? Vehicle Manufacturing. Today? AI. Can AI and the like coexist with capitalism or will ChatGPT take over the starship and start torpedoing the shit out of everything?

Every year they super queer podcasts of Pride48 gather for 48 hours of livestreaming – until now.  2023 marks the final year of the annual “livestream from home” event.  But Pride48 sashay’s on providing a community and hub for LGBTQIA2S+ podcasters and our listeners.

Enjoy our SarahTalk Revival from this year’s event and find more queer pods you’ll love at!

The first episode of Star Trek: Very Short Treks, a love letter to Star Trek: The Animated Series takes us into an exponentially insane shroom trip. Yes, we know that Sarah said Kirk a hundred times when it’s just Captain Basic White Guy.