When Star Trek revisits the Plane’arium storyline, the proverbial inmates have taken over the asylum led by a shapeshifting madman. Once again questions of rehabilitation, medication, and individual rights and liberty come to the fore. What effect does this new medication have on the inmate? Do inmates have the right of refusal of “care” in Star Trek?

When Star Trek trades in Cowboy Diplomacy for Marriage Diplomacy, Sarah and Allie find themselves in a very discomforting place. Why is the Federation forcing this woman to go through with the diplomatic marriage she doesn’t want? Why are the Klingons even in this episode? What even are those stones in that necklace, anyway?

When Kirk and the Gang find the missing scientists dead, they also discover some cousins of the bootyheads from the pilot. With a sun going nova imminent, can good ol’ human emotion save a planet full of mute aliens that we only ever see one of? Did they even try saving any of the other aliens on the other planets in this system? Why don’t people just ask for help?