In the penultimate episode of Star Trek: The Original Series, KSM find themselves on a planet whose people have time warped into the past to escape their planet’s sun going nova. Is Kirk a witch? Will Spock finally put McCoy in his place? What happens if these people fuck up the space time continuum?

When the Enterprise drops by Planet “Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln”, good and evil are put into a poorly executed experiment. Did Duane the Rock Monster learn anything today? Why is President Lincoln army crawling in his nice suit? Were Lincoln’s own words used in this episode?

James Kirk, Jeff Bezos, and Elon Musk walk into a bar. Speaking of, this episode of Star Trek: The Original Series sets the bar pretty high. This week, Kirk and the gang stumble into a scathing indictment on the class inequality in American and around the world. Is capitalism killing us? Are the people who are most subjugated essentially forced to become criminal to survive? Again… why haven’t we eaten the rich yet?

When Star Trek becomes a cult religion and gets banned from Earth, Fry and the gang promise Leonard Nimoy they’ll collect the old VHS Tapes from a forbidden planet and restore hope for the future. What alien STD’s did Shatner and Leela exchange? Why didn’t Allie write any bars for Welshie? All Power to the Engines! beep beep beep beep beep beep beep

When the Enterprise tracks down a rogue band of Space Hippies, Star Trek gets baked out of its mind and takes a big swing at the counterculture movements of the 1960’s. Why haven’t we eaten the rich yet? Is the grass greener on the other religion? Do you reach, man?