When genetically modified tribbles send Sarah on a rant about the many misconceptions about “GMO”, Allie must try to get the pod shuttle back on course while also dodging hungry tribbles and angry Klingons. Will we get to the end of the episode? Will there be no tribble at all?

From new tattoos to new friends (including Star Trek’s Randy James!!), Allie and Sarah had a great time as usual at RetroMania 2024 in Aurora, Colorado. Then, when the women of Star Trek are finally given the lead, will they choose a planet full of men or bears? Does this episode make up for the Enterprise stranding Melllvar in the first episode of Star Trek: The Animated Series? Can we please have more Uhura in command?

How would you feel if you had to go back in time and watch your young self receive the worst bullying of your life all over again? How can Spock’s dad stand by and watch his son endure this trauma and not intervene? Are the big expectations placed on Vulcan children healthy or harmful?